Accelerate Packaging Design and Engineering With a Digital Platform

Let’s get real about designing more compelling packaging quickly to satisfy brand requests. Here’s a proven strategy to design and engineer with agility, optimize cost-to-value and win more packaging projects

Packaging design is multivariable. Packaging designers, mold design engineers and other stakeholders have to deliver compelling designs for end users, but they have to consider cost and profitability constraints as well as other client requirements.

But imagine if you had the solution to manage these multivariable requirements throughout the entire development process, covering packaging design, engineering, end user experience and visualization.

This is part of a better strategy for packaging manufacturers where you can templatize projects with predefined variables and parametric 3D design standards. Also, digitalizing your packaging design makes collaboration seamless and accelerates time to market.

Just ask our packaging customers who have seen real results and made their packaging projects more sustainable on the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform. Now, it’s your turn. Here’s how your digital transformation journey can take place with the right packaging solution:

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Win more projects and optimize cost-to-value versus speed

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Operate digitally for better collaboration and capitalization

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Reduce packaging design and qualification time up to 50%

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The sustainable packaging solution

Packaging sustainability can be fully realized with the right solution, and it’s been done by some of the world’s leading packaging designers and engineers. This is their story.

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PLAY VIDEO: Accelerate design lifecycles with unified design processes and 3D tools

Watch how this Japanese packaging company turned their biggest pain point — internal design and review processes that were ill equipped to handle short cycle times — into a new reality with the 3DEXPERIENCE platform: Better designs and substantial time savings.

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