Optimize Production for Manufacturing Agility

Tackle production complexity and scale your operation with ease by optimizing planning and scheduling, anticipating manufacturing constraints and precisely communicating lead times.

Philip LOEB
Vice President Home & Lifestyle Industry at Dassault Systèmes

Home & Lifestyle brands and manufacturers face the duel challenge of launching new products that keep up with customer demand while handling an often-complex production process involving hundreds of components and parts. It is why they are turning to the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform to optimize production control and plan ahead effectively to avoid bottlenecks.

The Challenge

In an industry where reputation, style and quality are everything, Home & Lifestyle brands and manufacturers must hit the mark every time in terms of design and function, but also optimize production to bring products to market faster and stay on top of lead times. Many Home & Lifestyle brands and manufacturers find themselves trying to plan and schedule their production with tools from the past. This manual, static approach is not only time-consuming, but it can throw up inaccuracies and may not take into account all factors in an often complex production chain.

The Solution

It is why the leaders are turning to demand-driven and scheduling processes that are dynamic, automated and collaborative. Production Scheduling based on DELMIA Ortems brings this to life, allowing manufacturers to build an integrated model of their manufacturing constraints at finite capacity.

The Benefits

Those winning in the market are the ones who are able to better manage the flow of their product components manufacturing process to scale with ease and keep up with consumer demand. Using Perfect Production, they can gain total control of component production and achieve demand-driven planning and scheduling from one single business platform.

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Deliver Orders on Time

Up to 100%

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Improve Planning Agility

Up to 70% Faster

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Reduce Production Time

By at least 25%

Nardin Real Business Story > Dassault Systèmes

Real Business Story

Discover how watch manufacturer Ulysse Nardin used production scheduling based on DELMIA Ortems to optimize the production flow of its watch components and successfully move from unit production to mass runs of several thousand items without compromising on quality. 

We can now optimally control our just-in-time production, reduce run times and balance the loads across the different shops, while minimizing bottlenecks and in-process inventory.

Industrial Director, Ulysse Nardin

Discover how Ulysse Nardin optimized its production flow