Optimize BIM with Integrated Engineering, Design & Construction Management

Nearly every phase of production in Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) is now digital. Project authorship being invariably collective, the importance of optimizing building information management is  growing. New digital platforms have created a much faster and more efficient experience. Digital modeling software, building information management, and computational simulation have proliferated. The old linear process has now been replaced by a better-connected digital engineering process. Expanding authorship requires platforms that adaptively integrate diverse sets of information, tools and workflows. Project authorship in AEC is continually reshaped by new technologies.

You will learn how expanded authorship impacts:

  • Workflow & Scope
  • Craftsmanship & Expertise
  • Knowledge & Growth 
  • Integration & Exchange of Information
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Online dashboards enable firms to not only manage information, but also understand and control how information is generated, assembled and distributed.

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Linking design information seamlessly with fabrication and construction processes allows for expanding craftsmanship and expertise.

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Knowledge capture offers the flexibility to implement changes at any time, accelerating project delivery schedules and enabling future reuse.

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Cloud-based platforms allow all models and project information to be hosted remotely, facilitating the seamless exchange of information from diverse locations.

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