Operational Resilience Starts With a Defined View

Leverage Dassault Systèmes’ advanced enterprise modeling solutions to mitigate enterprise risks

To achieve operational resilience, financial services companies must first visualize their entire operational ecosystem to understand the processes and dependencies involved. This is where Dassault Systemes’ Enterprise Resilient Modeling and Simulation solution can help. The solution leverages CATIA’s Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) approach to understand, diagnose and update systems.

With CATIA NoMagic, companies can:

  • Solve business vocabulary issues effectively without complex ontology tools
  • Define and extend ontological values beyond graphics and glossaries
  • Model and share concepts quickly and easily with easy-to-use interfaces

Meanwhile, CATIA MagicDraw’s framework enables companies to:

  • Visualize their entire enterprise architecture incorporating third parties
  • Collaborate effectively across the business to map, model and stress test important business services
  • Seamlessly integrate with applications that meet unique business needs
  • Mitigate operational risks associated with internal or external events through accurate stress tests and simulations

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