Nice to See You at VECS!

We hope you enjoyed this year's event. Here's some information we think you may find of interest

Systems Engineering

Elicit needs from stakeholders and define conceptual architecture.
This process allows System Architects to specify every aspect of a system development process from mission, services, and use cases down to functions and components across engineering disciplines:

  • Share and review stakeholders requirements in a collaborative environment
  • Model the Vehicle Operational Architecture using SysML standard
  • Define and review the functional architecture
  • Verify the solution concept behavior by simulation

ADAS-AD Verification & Validation

CATIA SCANeR Designer offer capabilities to model Scene, Scenario, vehicles, software and control features as well as sensors and simulate vehicles in a high fidelity virtual world. CATIA SCANeR Designer is a prerequisite for other specialized roles ( for AD/ADAS engineers, headlights, human factor analysts, vehicle dynamics engineers, driver test benches designer, simulator developers, testers, …)
AV Simulation is developing CATIA SCANeR, the open modular and scalable driving simulation and validation platform.
Dassault Systèmes and AV Simulation are committed to integrate CATIA SCANeR into the 3DEXPERIENCE platform to enable our customers to collaborate, simulate and validate throughout the development lifecycle.


Vehicle Electronics & Electrical

Define and optimize system electronics & Software Architecture by distributing functions onto Hardware and Software components including network definition.

  • Design Hardware Architecture & re-use Upper-Level functional Architectures
  • Partition Functions (and Software) into Hardware Architecture
  • Communication Network Definition & Design
  • Diversity & Variants Management for Vehicle Platform Project
  • Preliminary Assessment of Network Bandwidth & Performance
  • Software Architecture Generation and Design

Vehicle Electronics & Electrical

Leverage benefits of a collaborative, traceable multidisciplinary systems engineering development platform to manage the lifecycle of complex electrical systems

  • Accelerate the development process through an intuitive and integrated end-to-end solution consisting of requirements, architecture, diagrams, 3D design, simulation and production
  • Provide complex electrical systems with advanced reuse of knowledge and business experience/competence though innovative and optimized processes
  • Increase the robustness of the design throughout the workflow, improved productivity and product quality, reduced program risks and costs

Vehicle Energy Management

  • Define and optimize the energy management architecture of vehicles based on comprehensive component and system models of all relevant components and systems (drive systems, thermal systems, electrical systems, etc .) and assess the impact on the fleet
  • Manage our simulation based IP and engineering knowledge, by building catalogs of models, thanks to the flexibility and openness of the Modelica language
  • Combine numerous of multidisciplinary models and applications in a linked simulation process for automation on distributed computing resources
  • Examine the resulting solution space and identify the optimal system architecture and component parameters according to the required restrictions