Laying the Foundation for Smart and More Sustainable Construction

Cost-efficient, on-time construction with the Virtual Twin Experience

Cost and time overruns are common issues that the construction industry has faced for a long time, often hindering companies from achieving business goals. Adding on to that complexity is the need for worksite safety as well as increasing levels of sustainability compliance. With projects becoming more complex than ever, it is becoming a real struggle for construction companies to keep operation costs within budget and minimize disruptions to on-time delivery and the environment.

For construction companies to check all these boxes, they need to embrace the digitalization of the industry. The Virtual Twin Experience connects and synchronizes the virtual and real worlds to help companies plan efficient operations, collaborate effectively, optimize processes and execute flawlessly.

This whitepaper discusses:

  • 6 key challenges the construction industry needs to tackle
  • What the Virtual Twin Experience is capable of in construction
  • How construction companies benefit from the Virtual Twin Experience

Download the whitepaper and discover how your company can benefit from embracing virtual twin technology and data to improve construction.

Efficient Construction Through the Virtual World

Construction companies face tremendous pressure to meet project deadlines and keep operating costs within budget. The need for worksite safety and sustainability compliance also adds to the complexity of planning new construction projects. Discover how DELMIA's Virtual Twin Experience synchronizes planning in the virtual world with real-world operations. This enables construction companies to optimize processes and operations so they can complete projects on time, within budget, and in a safe and more sustainable way. 

Construction Virtual Twin Drives More Sustainable > Brick Image > Dassault Systèmes®

Whitepaper: How the Construction Virtual Twin Drives More Sustainable, High-Performance Buildings

To cope with rising project complexity, offset margin pressure and meet climate regulations, construction companies can sharpen their growth strategy to reduce carbon emissions and incorporate sustainable practices in project delivery processes.

Download this white paper to discover how an integrated platform can help build an intelligent virtual twin that allows companies to:

  • Comply with strict climate regulations
  • Improve modular design efficiency
  • Integrate bio-sourced, energy-efficient materials
  • Make circular designs economically viable
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Replay: Make It Happen for Sustainable Construction with Virtual Twin Experience

How can you ensure your construction project operations remain efficient and can deliver on time, on budget and at high quality?

Watch this webinar to learn from leading industry experts as they share strategies, best practices and solutions for building a more resilient, agile and sustainable construction industry for tomorrow with the help of Dassault Systèmes’ Virtual Twin Experience and DELMIA solution.

Download the whitepaper