MODSIM for Engineers

Combine Modeling & Simulation to accelerate your designs and unlock new potential

MODSIM on Dassault Systemes’ 3DEXPERIENCE platform is a unique next-generation engineering & design paradigm that completely unifies modeling and simulation. This merging of two traditionally distinct disciplines provides opportunities to significantly accelerate design exploration, optimization and validation, and can also unlock new innovations. Since the design model is also the virtual twin used for simulation, MODSIM returns analysis much earlier in the development cycle, before any physical testing has been done.
In this e-book, we will explore some of the benefits of MODSIM for engineers. Regardless of your industry, MODSIM empowers designers and analysts to work smarter and unlock their innovation.


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MODSIM for Electric Vehicles

Watch our MODSIM expert Satheesh Kandasamy as he explains how MODSIM is the key enabler for engineering analysis-driven product development with electric drive as an example.


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