Outpace the Competition in the Poultry Business

Don’t let supply chain uncertainties eat you up.

Chicken production has exceeded beef and pork with consumer appetite for poultry still on the rise. However, the industry faces unprecedented challenges, including recent setbacks such as the bird flu outbreak, which had a significant impact on the supply chain. Within an industry grappling with shelf life constraints, high volume, supply uncertainties, and concerns for animal welfare and allergens, a fully connected supply chain is now crucial. Companies must align strategic, tactical and operational planning with their execution to effectively address poor visibility compromising critical decisions.

Discover in this eBook how DELMIA empowers poultry processors to: 

  • Optimize plans taking into account production capacity, raw materials, and logistics at every planning stage
  • Attain full visibility across the supply chain, facilitating agile and real time responses to volatility, fluctuations and disruptions
  • Ensure consistent quality compliant with safety standards, while simultaneously reducing food waste

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