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A Grand View of Mining’s Collaborative Future

Aspermont Limited, Australia’s leading media services provider in the mining and resources industry, recently conducted an exclusive interview with Thomas Grand, Dassault Systèmes’ Vice President, Energy and Materials in May 2019. 

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The Future of plant and processing in mining

Dassault Systèmes was a proud sponsor of Austmine Conference 2019 which took place at the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre. Themed “Mining Innovation – The Next Horizon”, the Austmine conference brought together leading mining innovation champions from the industry.

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Dassault Systèmes at IMARC 2018 – Highlights and Key Takeaways

Post IMARC blog post bringing highlights and key takeaways from Dassault Systèmes’ stakeholder engagement activities at IMARC 2018. Written by Nicole BELBIN.

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Cultivating the Workforce for the Future of Mining

Post Workforce of the Future lunch article written by Nicole BELBIN. Preparing young people for the workforce, particularly in the highly technical aspects of mining, requires more than just cultivating their participation and interest in STEM subjects. The workforce of the future need to have transferable skills, such as communication, ability to collaborate and the entrepreneurial mindset that will make their tech knowledge more valuable.

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Digital skills essential for Australian business growth

Editorial contribution to Australia Defense Magazine by Narayan SREENIVASAN. Placing a strong focus on digital skills now by all industries is vital for business growth and remaining globally competitive. And the opportunity doesn’t just belong to large industries or organizations. Australia is in a position be a front-runner when it comes to upskilling its digital workforce.

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Surveys says: Mining Technology Investment Set to Soar

Article by Mark BESE. Spending within the mining industry on hi-tech solutions was just 1% of revenue in 2015. Most industries spend five to seven times that amount on IT.

But, there is the good news for the industry which is radically seeking to reinvent productivity through innovation: this figure is expected to jump as high as 10% by 2020 according to a new “Future of Mining” survey by Mining Magazine and its sister publication, Mining Journal.

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Adopting Manufacturing Philosophies Whitepaper

The mining industry is at a tipping point in its history, in need of innovation to ensure it remains sustainable and able to better weather challenging economic times. That is why there has been a growing call from leading industry executives over the past several years to bring philosophies and technology proven in other industries into mining.

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Industry Renaissance Position Paper

This digital revolution is transforming every aspect of industrial business: how product experiences are conceived, developed, tested, made, sold and serviced; how supply chains form, operate and braid themselves between industries; how end-users and manufacturers interact; how the real and virtual worlds inform and reinforce one another; how value is created; how the workforce is trained; and the very nature of work itself.

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