Mining Intelligence

Drive your business forward with advanced analytics for the mining industry

Mining data comes in many forms and from many sources

Advanced-analytics programs use a variety of sophisticated technology, such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, to examine large datasets, identify patterns that can be difficult to detect by humans, and predict outcomes with remarkable precision. 

Before they can adopt advanced analytics, however, mines first need to consider building a strong digital backbone. A digital backbone is the fundamental structural support on which all of a company’s systems, networks, and applications depend — and which determines a company’s ability to keep up with today’s rapid technological advancements. A strong digital backbone will ensure that, whenever a mine wants to add a new technology, it will seamlessly integrate with all other systems currently in place. 


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Real-time integrated data at your fingertips

Mining Intelligence from Dassault Systèmes provides mining professionals with an inclusive, real-time vision of their data, with the significant bonus of being able to use their specialized knowledge and expertise — in exploration, geology, production, etc. — to adopt and customize advanced-analytics programs that will use all their collected data to reveal fresh insights, make better informed decisions and measure new possibilities.

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