Mastering Complexity in Today’s Food Logistics Planning

Ensure a seamless inbound and outbound flow from planning to execution with DELMIA Quintiq Optimized Retail Logistics

Cut Logistics-Related Costs and Improve Delivery Accuracy

For the retail industry, complexity is the norm, especially when it comes to getting your products on store shelves. Ensuring cost-effective and timely outbound flows is particularly crucial for those in the grocery sector, where commodities are both perishable and non-perishable. And oftentimes, the plans you make are not always executed to a tee. Is this the reality of your retail operations? What you need is a solution that helps you minimize the gap between planning and execution, enabling you to cut logistics-related costs while keeping service at a maximum and, ultimately, build resilience into your supply chain.

Read on to learn how DELMIA can help you optimize your inbound and outbound logistics planning and realize:

  • End-to-end visibility over supply chain operations

  • Planning that aligns with KPIs and business goals

  • Reduced transport-related costs by 5%-10% while maintaining maximum service

  • Improved delivery accuracy: on time, in full (OTIF) delivery of store replenishment orders

Solution Brochure: Master Complexity in Today’s Food Supply Chain with Optimized Retail Logistics

From the increasing importance of customer experience to rapidly evolving technologies to sudden disruptions, the realm of retail planning has no shortage of unique challenges. However, the real problem arises when companies are not equipped with an efficient, flexible planning system that is able to adapt to change and manage complexity.

In this brochure, you’ll learn why now is the time to invest in superior planning and optimization technology. You’ll also discover how KPI-based planning helps improve on time, in full (OTIF) delivery of store replenishment orders and how DELMIA’s retail-specific solution for optimized transport planning can enable you to reduce transport-related costs by 5-10% while keeping service at a maximum.

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Case Study: Retail Logistics Efficiency

Retailers must constantly balance conflicting goals, namely between cost savings and customer service. Within a large and complex supply chain, addressing these two objectives alone can be challenging—but not impossible.
Discover how one European company found the solution in DELMIA’s retail logistics planning system which enabled it to:

  • Reduce inbound and outbound logistics costs by 20% and 7% respectively
  • Achieve 5% improvement in service level performance
  • Plan for shorter trips and minimized empty miles

Partner Report with Reuters Events: Retail Supply Chain & Logistics Planning Report 2021

The pandemic has undoubtedly revealed how vulnerable global supply chains can be against disruptions. For the retail industry in particular, these unexpected challenges are compounded by the growing importance of customer experience and the ever-present need to keep costs under control. What’s more, the advent of rapidly evolving technologies are further complicating the way retail supply chains are managed. All these factors culminate in the urgent need for retail companies to improve their supply chain resilience and operational agility.

DELMIA and Reuters Events partnered together for a global survey to gain a better understanding of how retailers, manufacturers, logistics providers and technology enablers are planning their logistics as well as the challenges they face. Download the report below to learn the key strategies and solutions to overcome logistics planning challenges in 2021 and beyond.

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The road to logistics cost savings improved delivery accuracy > infographic > Dassault Systèmes®
The road to logistics cost savings improved delivery accuracy infographic