Manufacturing Technology and Automation


July 12th, 2023
Morning Session: 12 PM ET


Real-time manufacturing data is critical to the entire company to improve processes, efficiencies and profitability. We all have manufacturing data being generated by machines, work cells, robots, PLC’s and more…not to mention 3D CAD models, CNC machine code and robotic automation. How do you wrap your arms around all of this data input and data generation to make it usable and consumable for the entire organization?

Please join us for a holistic view of manufacturing challenges and solutions that connects an organization’s entire value chain into a single, unified, collaborative environment.

Key takeaways from the webinar:

>>      Improved understanding of manufacturing technology & automation

>>      Historic challenges and solutions

>>      Key considerations going forward

>>      The advantage of your SOLIDWORKS investment

>>      Why a platform approach is necessary 


Prior to this webinar you will receive a short manufacturing technology survey. We’ll review the results of the survey (anonymously of course) during the webinar and use that information to add additional value and drive the discussion during the session

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