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Vice President, Industrial Equipment, Dassault Systemès

Remain competitive in the cable and wire industry

The continued growth in the cable and wire business sector will not only increase market value for individual companies, it will also increase the pressure on manufacturing operations, which includes supply chains. To take advantage of growth opportunities, it’s crucial for cable and wire manufacturers to optimize forecasting and production capacity.

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WEBINAR: Make it happen for cable

Various industry segments rely on wire and cable manufacturers. As these industries grow and face increasing consumer demand, they will require greater and maybe more diverse amounts of wire and cable. This webinar focuses on how to improve flexibility and efficiency in order to take advantage of growth opportunities and how to meet those industry-specific challenges.

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Discover unique collaborative planning and scheduling capabilities

  • Plant level capacity planning and levelling that ensures forecasted production will be executed on time against available capacity
  • Production launch planning to meet customer due date and order quantities based on finished product daily net demand, available capacity and material stocks at any level of the BOM
  • Multi line schedule optimization and synchronization across constrained production resources, materials and processes (machines, labor, inventories, supplies, material flow, set up time, tools) at finite capacity

Prysmian - Fast Forward Operation

With 82 plants across 52 countries, Prysmian group is the leader in the energy and telecom cable systems industry. Discover how this customer has achieved continued success.

Learn more about how our solutions can vitalize your cable business

The 3DEXPERIENCE platform is creating the digital transformation needed by manufacturers to enable innovation, improved agility, efficiency and productivity. We’ve helped many companies in the cable industry connect technology, knowledge, solutions and people to achieve incredible milestones.

Webinar: Make it Happen for Cable