Manufacturing data helps Core Technology achieve 300% Growth

Manufacturing data drives Core Technology's ability to "Master the Art of the Pivot," leading to a 300 percent growth in a single year.


Core Technology's business strategy is to provide innovative manufacturing solutions at lower prices than its competitors do. Most manufacturers know that the ability to offer competitive pricing and remain profitable when faced with market volatility and fluctuating lead times is no easy feat. So how did Core Technologies effectively and purposefully manage 300 percent growth in a single year?

In a word – Data. The ability to capture and leverage real-time data across its manufacturing operations has been a game changer. It allows Core Technology to:

•    Make business decisions with a high level of confidence
•    Quickly and effectively adapt to uncertainty
•    Dynamically adjust pricing to keep pace with supply chain volatility
•    Evaluate and optimize capacity
•    Provide answers to customers in real-time
•    Ensure shop floor performance is accurate and profitable
•    Strategically purchase capital equipment based on actual utilization data


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