Make better design decisions with simulation-driven design

Tech Clarity research shows top performing businesses succeed with cloud-based simulation

Design decisions are critical for product success, and 44% of manufacturers say design decisions have gotten even harder than they were before.

Design engineers are stuck between a rock and a hard place, continually trading off between quality and time, without driving up product cost. What can you do to guide design decisions and help your team make the most competitive products?

This report, based on a survey of over 250 manufacturers, provides detailed insights on how to help design engineers make informed decisions faster with simulation. Simulation analysis on the cloud is a must-have to solve problems faster and guide design decisions with accurate, relevant data.

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Here’s what cloud simulation users are reporting:

  • 71% more computing power/faster solver

  • 42% easier access to experts

  • 42% easier collaboration

  • 42% lower hardware cost of ownership and maintenance 

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