MagicGrid Book of Knowledge

A Practical Guide to Systems Modeling using MagicGrid

MagicGrid® Book of Knowledge

The MagicGrid Book of Knowledge (BoK) is a unique, model-based systems engineering (MBSE) experience. This book describes one of a million possible straightforward ways to develop a system model from A to Z. It is an answer to all the questions you may have, starting from “why” and ending with “how”, which few of today’s available sources of information can answer.

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Why this book?

Any theory needs practice. An approach becomes useful when it is provided in company with comprehensive instructions on how to use it in practice. The MagicGrid framework for MBSE by CATIA ® No Magic is no exception to this rule. This was the main reason we have decided to write this book.

So, if you’re new at MBSE or look forward to learn about the MagicGrid framework from A to Z, this book is for you. This book is for you, too, if you wish to learn how to use CATIA Magic software for MBSE in combination with OMG® Systems Modeling Language (SysML)™ and MagicGrid. This book is for you as well, if you go for comprehensive instructions, illustrated by the case study of modeling an easy-to-understand real-world system.

The book is easier to read if you are familiar with UML/SysML and basic concepts of CATIA Magic software for MBSE; that is, Magic Cyber Systems Engineer / Cameo Systems Modeler or Magic Systems of Systems Architect / Cameo Enterprise Architecture along with the Cameo DataHub plugin installed on the top, or Magic Software Architect / MagicDraw with the SysML and Cameo DataHub plugins, as of version 19.0.

Why MagicGrid?

MagicGrid is the bridge between the theory and practice, bringing three major MBSE components – method, language, and modeling tool – together.
The idea of developing a new method for MBSE emerged while working with organizations from various industry sectors, such as defense, automotive, aerospace, and healthcare, to name a few. They needed an unambiguous approach for developing system models using SysML, the critical enabler for MBSE, as defined by the International Council on Systems Engineering (INCOSE). However, quite a few methods for MBSE were available in the market at that time, and the existing ones were too abstract for solving a real-world problem. The practice also revealed that every industry and every customer has their own specifics, and cannot use the standard method without applying any modifications or extensions to it.

The MagicGrid framework has evolved by summarizing the experience of numerous MBSE adoption projects, as a foundation
and collection of best practices that can be modified or extended to support specific customer needs.
The framework is completely applicable in practice for the following reasons:

  • It is fully compatible with “vanilla” SysML. No extensions for SysML are required.
  • It clearly defines the modeling process, which is based on the best practices of the systems engineering process.
  • It is tool-independent, as long as that tool supports SysML
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