Lighter, Quieter, more Comfortable Vehicles

Using simulation to find the balance between vehicle weight, noise and passenger comfort

Buying a vehicle, customers expect high standards for comfort, quietness and ride experience. But, today’s buying decision is influenced by many more aspects. Due to stricter emissions regulation, electric vehicles are becoming more popular and one of the key factors to influence the buyer’s choice is the range of a vehicle. These perceived performance indicators come with an aspect that sometimes works in opposite directions: weight.

All factors considered, it becomes clear that vehicle manufacturers are faced with the big task to find the best tradeoffs to create well performing, comfortable vehicles that fulfill emissions regulation and come with an affordable price tag.

Download this whitepaper and learn how using simulation to create a Virtual Twin of the vehicle allows for quicker and lower-cost testing to tackle the assessment of noise, vibration and passenger comfort while using every potential for weight reduction.

Vehicle Cabin Comfort | Industry Process Experience

SIMULIA Cabin Comfort multi-physics simulation solutions guarantee better driving experiences by optimization in the areas of thermal, acoustics, interactivity and seating.


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