Sustainable Innovation Intelligence with Lifecycle Assessment

Discover how manufacturers are planning for a more sustainable future

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Today, customers are demanding more sustainable products and practices. Companies that want to stay competitive must address this demand from the markets they serve. Discover in our report the importance of lifecycle assessment (LCA) in product development, and learn how to achieve your sustainability goals.

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Sustainable Innovation Intelligence

Learn how our Sustainable Innovation Intelligence solution puts the eco-design framework and the ecoinvent database together to help you adopt more sustainable practices quickly. This science-based, standardized methodology allows you to assess the environmental impact of products throughout their lifecycles.

Discover in our report how our digital tools offer you the ability to:

  • Support every stage of the product lifecycle
  • Help companies assess the potential long-term environmental and social costs and benefits of products under development
  • Enable companies to integrate end-of-life solutions/lifecycle considerations into their products and services
  • Provide education around sustainability practices
  • Encourage the adoption of technologies to help achieve sustainability goals
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The Benefits of Sustainable Innovation

Discover how manufacturing companies that are using sustainable innovations can achieve sustainable product development practices that allow them to create sustainable products more quickly and cost-effectively. With the power of sustainable innovations manufacturing companies are now able to:

  • Ensure the long-term survivability of their business
  • Grow brand value and reputation
  • Capture existing market demand to establish short-term growth and maintain their ability to grow their business in markets that emphasize sustainable products
  • Maintain a leadership position in the industry as an organization that can deliver new sustainable products and services innovation to customers

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