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Introducing a new product on the market is traditionally a complex and siloed adventure within a company. Teams are working in separate streams, on different documents, and in fragmented ways. Marketing is usually the last to receive approved content and must act quickly to recognize market share with compelling campaigns. Now, teams can work in tandem, in real-time, and with streamlined processes. How? Strategies based on the digital model result in rapid collaboration across the value chain.  A connection to the commercial twin means teams work closely from the beginning. Connecting all the activities to the  twin closes the loop between the product and customer lifecycle. 

Are you Consumer Centric?

Connected experiences offer a deeper understanding of customer sentiment immediately. Are your campaigns resonating? Is social media performing? These are questions that face marketing teams daily. Achieve customer-centricity by providing marketing engagements that inherently produce valuable data. 3D content opens the door to personalization, interaction, and a deeper understanding of the product overall. Companies that embrace the commercial twin in their marketing recognize more organic activities on social media and a loyal consumer base. Leveraging the commercial twin for go-to-market strategies, content, and collaboration is key to unlocking this paradigm and ensuring customer success. 

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