Lean Production Insights: Advance your Lean Manufacturing Journey


This eBook was compiled from a series of  articles written for the Manufacturing Transformation Blog on Lean manufacturing.  

Just as the world of Lean has a goal of continuous improvement –  so too is the learning of how to continue on your Lean journey. We hope you find this collection of articles interesting, thought provoking and educational: 

  • It’s Time for a Lean Manufacturing Makeover 
  • The Biggest Obstacles to Making Manufacturing Leaner 
  • Lean Success, Part 1: If It’s not Complete, It’s not Lean Enough 
  • Lean Success, Part 2: It’s not Lean if You Can’t Measure It 
  • Lean Success, Part 3: You Won’t Stay Lean if You Can’t Enforce It
  • Expanding the Relevance of Lean Manufacturing to Data 
  • 5 Ways to Advance Lean Manufacturing with Real-time Intelligence 
  • Using Real-Time Intelligence to Enhance Lean Manufacturing 
  • The Increasing Role of IT in Lean Manufacturing 

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