Leaders in Business Sustainability Tech-Clarity Survey Report

Executive Strategies for Sustaining Long-Term Business Success 2023

A Time to Create Agility and Improve Sustainability

Our latest survey on long-term business success shows that companies responded to prior disruptions by accelerating technology adoption to increase agility and become more resilient.

At the same time, they must act on sustainability initiatives that are becoming critical to both human experience and continued economic success.

This report showcases how companies are prioritizing the essential pillars of long-term business sustainability.
For instance, ESG pressure comes from many angles so what are the factors dictating corporate strategy initiatives: in this 2023 survey, environmental issues were reported 83% more frequently as a strategy driver than in 2019.

Ultimately, success in sustainability is not about more knowledge or education. It's about action - and companies will need to lead it.

How is your company putting sustainability into action?

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