Launching the Sustainable Transportation Revolution

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Planes, trains and automobiles: every new mode of transportation has revolutionized how people and goods travel the world. Today, the transportation industry’s biggest challenge is to achieve carbon neutrality while continuing to innovate and creating faster vehicles. But a new high-speed mode of transportation combining air and rail travel could revolutionize sustainable mobility: TransPod.

The French-Canadian startup develops vactrains that can transport people and goods at a top speed of 1,200 kilometers per hour thanks to a network of low-pressure tubes, magnetic levitation and reduced air resistance. Inspired by Hyperloop technology, TransPod’s aircraft-train hybrid is fully electric and offers airplane-like speeds without the environmental impact of air travel.

Could this be the beginning of the next transportation revolution?

This roundtable explores the future of sustainable mobility and the solutions to achieve it.

You will learn more about:

  • How TransPod is disrupting high-speed ground transportation
  • The challenges of developing sustainable mobility alternatives
  • The benefits of simulation, cloud-based collaboration and virtual twin technology
  • How the 3DEXPERIENCE platform on the cloud is enabling the next transportation revolution

Our speakers

Jim Anderton > 3DEXPERIENCE Cloud > Dassault Systèmes

Jim Anderton

Director of Content, Multimedia,

 Iván Cabañas> 3DEXPERIENCE Cloud > Dassault Systèmes

Iván Cabañas

EMEA Online Industry Process Consultant, Dassault Systèmes

Sébastien Gendron > 3DEXPERIENCE Cloud > Dassault Systèmes

Sébastien Gendron

Co-founder and CEO, TransPod

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