Digital Transformation of Consumer Packaged Goods Laboratories

How Can Consumer Goods Manufacturers Transform Lab Workflows and Resource Utilization?

Consumer goods manufacturers have a pressing need to optimize their lab operations by improving their efficiency and driving innovation. Achieving this requires the removing of disconnected processes and full integration of the different informatics solutions that scientists rely on in their daily work. To optimize lab operations, organizations need a holistic approach to task planning, resource scheduling and procedure execution. 

The transformed lab of the future is digitally connected, collaborative, agile, global and optimized against finite resources and constraints—taking into account real-time events that affect delivery both internally and externally. Having a digital platform that enables agility, real-time visibility and optimization of people, processes and constraints between lab operations and production is critical to success.

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Companies who take this approach will be able to achieve benefits such as 

  • Shortened lead time/time to market
  • Quicker New Product Introductions (NPIs) 
  • Improved efficiency
  • Increased on-time delivery
  • Faster compliance 
  • Improved staff productivity

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