A Digital Strategy for R&D Growth

Transform Lab Informatics in the Chemicals Industry

When a company achieves growth through acquisitions, they also inherit a fragmented and disconnected informatics landscape. This Dassault Systèmes customer in the chemical industry adopted Lab Excellence, a solution which allowed them to standardize data, procedures, consolidate the number of solutions in place, and break down silos of information.

Lab Excellence from Dassault Systèmes supports a globally harmonized data management strategy including standardized data entry, lab inventory management, worldwide accessibility and searchability for data and comprehensive data visualization/analysis.

Download the use case to discover the value the customer realized from this solution. 

"By helping to propagate best practices throughout the company, the digital transformation driven by Dassault Systèmes Lab Excellence is allowing us to respond much more quickly to IP inquiries. Business-critical data are now searchable, complete and accessible." - Director of R&D | Global Chemical Organization


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