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Discover how KOBELCO, a global manufacturer of hydraulic excavators and crawler cranes, implemented its Smart Factory. 

Our Smart Factory initiative will continue going forward. We hope to make Kobelco’s presence a strong one by achieving the ideal state of manufacturing through the utilization of Dassault Systèmes solutions and by accumulating accomplishments we will serve as a fountain of best practices to others in the manufacturing industry with similar challenges and aspirations.

Leader of Shovel Mass Production Preparation Group, Manufacturing Promotion Department, Production Division, KOBELCO CONSTRUCTION MACHINERY
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The Challenge

In the fast-moving and changing construction industry, businesses have to be adaptable to change. To meet this challenge, KOBELCO CONSTRUCTION MACHINERY developed their Smart Factory initiative based on three functional pillars; Process Standardization, Virtual Assembly Verification and Unified Plant Management Information. The combination of these 3 functional pillars allows manufacturing to be executed with the best QCD (quality/cost/delivery).

The Solution & Benefits

In order to reduce the rework in product development, the company implemented process planning and 3D simulation simultaneously using DELMIA Digital Manufacturing. Thereafter, DELMIA Apriso was implemented in order to execute manufacturing processes and collect performance information from the manufacturing sites so that deviations from standards can be analyzed and improvements implemented.

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Product development lead-time cut

The product development lead-time was reduced by 50%

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Reduced design rework and production design changes

A 3D virtual assembly verification enabled a reduction of desing rework by 60%.

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Reduced back office operations

Setting up an optimal operation process enabled a 50% reduction of the back-office staff operations. 

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