Mitigate capital project cost overruns

Streamline collaboration across disciplines and organizations

An integrated information platform helps boost multidisciplinary collaboration, thereby mitigating risks in large capital projects. EPC companies can improve their control over engineering and construction changes, improve regulatory compliance and use of resources, and increase visibility into project lifecycle costs. And there’s more! Click here to discover some of the other advantages in CIMdata’s eBook “Keys to Capital Project Success for EPCs and Owner-Operators”.

With an integrated information platform, you can:

  • Make decisions early that create opportunities for cost optimization throughout the plant’s lifecycle,
  • Eliminate silos and improve visibility for all project stakeholders,
  • Create a live, real-time view of a plant’s status,
  • Implement workflow sequences that automatically trigger notifications and action.


Keys to Capital Project  Success for EPCs and  Owner - Operators eBook > Dassault Systèmes®