Key to Improving Patient Outcomes

What role does UDI play in improving patient outcomes?

The short answer: UDI is the key to improving patient outcomes by driving proactive quality and innovation. UDI implementation results in shortened innovation cycles allowing for more product introductions, changes, configurations as well as faster product obsolescence.

As Dr. Jeff Shuren, Director CDRH, FDA said, by promoting the incorporation of UDI into electronic health information, we can unlock an untapped amount of real-world data that can be used for clinical purposes. It could be used to develop digital twins, to better support and bring products to market and closing the loop on improving product quality and understanding the benefits and risk profiles of medical devices.

Download this Brief, authored by Axendia, which addresses the key issues around UDI including:

  • How UDI can drive value across the device ecosystem
  • The benefits of UDI
  • UDI as the gateway to precision medicine
  • Leveraging UDI to drive improved product quality
  • Advantages of an enterprise platform to support UDI


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