Internet of Laboratory Things - Preparing for the Perfect Storm

New Laboratory Experiences in the age of IoLT

Efficiency and productivity needs are driving science-based organizations to look into leveraging the Internet of Things (IoT) for the laboratory.

New technologies enable the connection of a plethora of different new devices. To efficiently use them in a meaningful way, organizations must consider available technologies, data formats, and platforms to create the “perfect storm” for a new laboratory experience that will transform how we are working today.

This presentation discusses the IoTs adding value to the laboratory, the prerequisites for success, and it will highlight what new laboratory experiences can look like.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Establish which “Things” can be relevant for the lab
  • Learn what technological aspects need to be considered for leveraging IoT in the lab
  • Understand the impact and value of IoT for the lab
  • Get inspired with examples of how the ‘Internet of Laboratory Things’ (IoLT) can be used in the future

Presented by:
Dr. Daniela JANSEN, Dassault Systèmes  BIOVIA