Transform Product Development with Integrated Modeling and Simulation

Iterate, Automate and Accelerate your Design with MODSIM

Developing Efficient Structural Concepts For The Future Of Mobility

The integration of modeling with simulation within a unified environment helps magnify the benefits of each while accelerating and streamlining the development process. By embedding simulation within the design process, engineers are empowered to use simulation at the earliest stages of development, checking design performance and executing refinements concurrently. This way, they minimize the risk of costly redesigns. Furthermore it facilitates collaboration and parallel development from multiple teams, and changes made in any one area are propagated throughout the model in real time.

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Why Integrate Modeling and Simulation?

Integrated modeling and simulation (MODSIM) helps accelerate innovation by providing a holistic view of project data and enables real-time collaboration.

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Connect Modeling and Simulation with Model-Based Systems Engineering

Connecting MBSE and MODSIM on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform enables improved traceability as well as impact and cost analysis. Moreover, it provides strategic performance insights that help accelerate innovation.

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