Unify Design and Simulation with Cloud-based Solutions

Engineering.com x 3DEXPERIENCE Cloud Research Report based on Global Survey

Simulation-driven design strategies promise engineers and designers the ability to get products to market better and faster. The goal of unified modeling and simulation (MODSIM) within product development workflows is to streamline the process for optimization. As a result, teams go through more iterations to ensure final designs are as competitive as possible.

The question is: How much of an impact have these tools made in engineering workflows? Is there a chance to get ahead of the competition? Are competitors already running ten times the number of iterations you do?

In this report, we asked engineers:

  • Does your company unify design and analysis functions?
  • What design and analysis tools do you use?
  • How are designs validated?
  • How do teams communicate?
  • How many iterations does a product go through?

Read the full report for these insights and more.

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