India's Space Industry through the Lens of Digital Technologies

Capabilities, Competencies & Global Competitiveness

Over the last decade, India’s space sector has grown rapidly. Government of India has  kicked off systematic reforms  to encourage activities undertaken by private industry in India’s space sector. With the changing landscape alongside growing opportunities in the sector, an understanding of the capabilities across the value chain within India becomes essential for stakeholders to be able to engage with the ecosystem.

As there is little international understanding of India’s space industry capabilities, this survey report of 281 organizations, focused on systematically capturing core insights pertaining to organizations across the value chain. For each of these organisations, pertinent information about the size, scale, and scope of work were curated. Specifically, their location, line of work/expertise, position within the value chain (OEM, tier 1, etc.), indication of annual revenues, and number of employees were captured.

The survey also assessed how these suppliers use digital technologies and tools to streamline generation of new space products & services that meet strict precision, reliability and quality standards.  Hence, the goal of the survey was to bring into view the degree of adoption of digitalisation within the India space ecosystem.

To win the space race with successful satellite launches, companies must close the gap between the real and virtual worlds

Arun RAO
Senior Director, Sales & Geo Strategy, Dassault Systèmes

A foundational understanding of the supplier landscape has become increasingly important, as reforms to open up space activities to Indian private industry are being undertaken by the Government of India 

Dr. Narayan PRASAD
Chief Operations Officer, satsearch

31% and 35% of them reported that their use of digital technologies within their organisation is at a beginner level and intermediate level respectively. Only 21% of them reported themselves as being at expert level. There is a significant opportunity to mature the level of digitalisation in the Indian space ecosystem, thereby supporting IP development for new space products & services.

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This whitepaper, conducted in collaboration with satsearch, outlines the findings of supply chain digitalization study and discusses  the role of digitalization in the indian space sector and how new space companies can accelerate rocketry and satellite design and manufacturing with digital capabilities.

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