Increase Standardization and Quality for Medical Device Design and Development

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The Challenge

Medical device and medtech companies are challenged to introduce new and increasingly sophisticated devices at a pace never seen before. Today’s devices are more complex than previous generations, containing multiple systems and subsystems, electronics and digital connectivity. At the same time, the industry is experiencing heightened recalls, impacting both the bottom line and shareholder value.

Pressures from budget constraints, supply chain disruptions and regulatory requirements are pushing companies to prioritize part standardization and supply chain agility. Frequent mergers and acquisitions can create data siloes, making the shift towards component and supplier standardization essential to remain competitive. Manufacturers can not only ensure regulatory compliance but also enhance overall efficiency by better managing the reuse, purchasing and development of their components. Significant cost and time savings can be realized by capitalizing on the benefits of seamless interoperability between different systems.

Customer Story

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The Solution

Standard Component Management enables medical device companies to streamline their component standardization and sourcing process, aligning it with their business policy. This approach offers several benefits:

  • Increased standardization and quality, leading to cost and time savings.
  • Reduced development cycle time by minimizing new component introductions, maximizing component reuse, and accelerating certification processes.
  • Decreased lead time and supply risk.
  • Lower purchasing costs through early supplier involvement and consolidation of component suppliers

With Standard Component Management, medical device companies can achieve efficient and cost-effective standardization and sourcing, ultimately improving product quality and processes.

Standardization & Sourcing intelligence, with access from all design environments and the use of comparable search based on component signatures, facilitates component reuse, leading to around $20K savings per new part.

Stanislas de Charette
NETVIBES Sourcing & Standardization Product Manager, Dassault Systèmes

The Benefits

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Improve operational efficiency by 10-30%

Reduce Cost > Circle brick > Dassault Systèmes®


Reduce cost of device development by 30% to 70%

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Decrease time to market by 30%

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Return on investment in 9 months’ time

Optimize Supply Chain Efficiency With Ai-driven Parts Sourcing

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