The 5 Most Important Metrics to Keep Your Supply Chain Lean, Agile and Efficient

Too much data, not enough data or data that's hard to get, all complicate matters when trying to identify the right metrics to measure your supply chain performance. One of the biggest problems people
make is focusing on too many metrics, when there are really just 5 key performance indicators, that when used together, will allow you to:

  1. Delivery in full and on time
  2. Increase forecast accuracy
  3. Improve supplier quality and reliability
  4. Identify material shortages
  5. Reduce inventory costs
  6. Quickly recognize problems in the production process

Download this whitepaper to learn more about the metrics that will provide a cohesive view of your supply chain and quickly highlight potential problem before they impact your profitability.

Five Most Important Supply Chain Metrics for Manufacturing Companies > Whitepaper > Dassault Systèmes®

Download this whitepaper to learn more