Is becoming more digital the answer to unexpected disruptions?

For sure COVID-19 has caused an exeptional situation for value creation worldwide. But even in 'normal' business situations companies need to become more agile and connected. The analysts from IDC have asked over 200 executives in Germany and Switzerland about the state of becoming a digital innovator.

Are you ready to create value through digitalization?

The business world has been facing an ongoing digital shift, which is significantly affecting the success or failure of companies. Especially in times of unexpected business disruption, companies need the right technologies in order to keep their business running smoothly.

Drivers for change

The digital revolution is having a dramatic effect on the competitive landscape. By 2023, at least half of global value creation will be digitized. In order to remain competitive and keep a leading position, companies need the ability to implement change at speed, which means being flexible, fast and agile while also re-scaling corporate processes.

5 recommendations from the analysts

The continuous flow of data is key, and using new technologies is the enabler of exponential growth driven by innovation. Get your free copy of the white paper including a fact-based analysis, best practices, and 5 recommendations on how to speed up the digitization of your product development and leverage your innovative power.

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