How to combine surface creation with engineering & simulation

Take advantage of true concurrent engineering with seamless integration of the whole product development process.

Rethinking surface design

When a product’s perceived value and character is determined by its visual appeal, there is no room for imperfection. In the car showroom and on the product shelf, the surface finish – the subtle interplay of light and shade over a car bonnet or the fluid casing around a high-tech gadget – can be the difference between a spectacular or underwhelming first impression.

But until now, styling and engineering these immaculate surfaces has been a complex and time intensive process. CAS designers and Class A modelers have had to rely on multiple point solutions to take advantage of best-in-class functionality. They’ve had to choose between creativity, productivity and collaboration. But greater consumer demand for choice, ever-growing constraints and regulations and increased product complexity means that designers and engineers need a better, faster and more flexible way.

The industry is calling for a new surface modeling tool that satisfies the specific needs of both CAS concept modeling and Class-A surface modeling, ensuring a beautiful design translates into a flawless manufactured product. And we have the answer.  

Combining creativity, productivity and collaboration

ICEM Design Experience is an innovative, new, specialized modeling application on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform for CAS and Class A surfacing specialists.

It delivers a comprehensive and completely integrated set of tools for industrial design, providing a high level of design freedom, an efficient and intuitive user interface, and precise, industry-leading surface results.

Targeted for use in product design processes throughout the automotive, aerospace and consumer goods industries, ICEM Design Experience supports all modelling disciplines. This includes SubD surface modeling, CAS, Class A and reverse engineering, perfectly integrated through the 3DEXPERIENCE platform with all other available apps and roles, such as immersive virtual reality reviews, interactive presentation experiences, and sophisticated simulation modeling.

Key features

ICEM Design Experience introduces a new robust soft parametric technology that gives users flexible, rapid modification abilities. It builds on the best-in-class capabilities from ICEM Surf and CATIA Icem Shape Design and combines explicit and soft associative modeling styles for a flexible design workflow. Everything about ICEM Design Experience is new:


A completely redesigned user experience introduces new navigation concepts and tools and enhanced visualization capabilities, all focused on the specific needs of the CAS and Class A surface modeler. Mouse menu accelerators allow users to get to the functions and tools they need faster, while smart, innovative omnifeatures provide the appropriate tool based on geometry selection.


ICEM Design Experience seamlessly integrates design and engineering data in a single environment on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform. With everything available in one place, designers can share their initial design concepts with engineering earlier, and engineers can incorporate their feedback at the earliest stages of product development.


Designers can now combine and switch between different mathematical approaches and design methodologies. The new Omnisurf smart feature concept allows users to create many different types of surface with a single command. And robust soft parametric technology allows users to switch between different modes to determine whether a design update does or doesn’t modify the geometry, turning associativity on and off according to user preferences and needs.

Design tools of the past may have hampered designers from exploring their full creative potential. Now, with ICEM Design Experience, they have an opportunity to design with complete freedom, where the only limitation is their imagination.

CATIA Industry Process Senior Consultant, CATIA Mech Design/Creative Design IPC, Dassault Systèmes

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