How visualization transforms process planning in High Tech

Virtual build: A key to success

Fast-changing markets and technologies are forcing High-Tech manufacturers of all sizes to move more quickly. Product life cycles are getting shorter and new product introduction must be accelerated to beat the competition. Manufacturing planners have to take products through the process at a faster pace—and make sure that the plan works the first time.

Traditional alphanumeric spreadsheet planning makes this difficult to achieve. It often results in miscommunication, shop floor delays, and costly engineering changes. However, technology is available that enables planners to leverage CAD models and convert spreadsheet process plans into 3D process models that can be shared across the enterprise.

In this visual environment, engineers can easily identify and correct potential production problems early in the process, reducing or even eliminating the need for physical prototyping. Line workers can become more productive by referring to graphical work instructions. For these reasons, visual process planning has demonstrated the ability to increase productivity, reduce overall cost, improve product quality and accelerate time-to-market.

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