How Much Does Poor Collaboration Cost Your Company?

Learn how improving collaboration can boost product profitability.

Collaboration impacts every part of the product development cycle, and products cannot be developed or brought to market without it. The ability to work as a team with multiple groups and departments—both inside and outside of the organization—requires the successful coordination of processes, data, knowledge, ideas, schedules, communications, and more. Adding to the challenges is the fact that today’s products are increasingly complex.

Poor collaboration comes at a high price, leading to delays, errors, and increased costs--all of which have an impact on profitability.

Tech-Clarity’s “The Costs of Poor Engineering Collaboration” e-book examines these challenges and explains how modern innovation platforms and collaboration tools can help:

  • Increase engineering efficiency

  • Improve engineers’ ability to collaborate with non-CAD users

  • Support seamless hand-offs between engineering and manufacturing

  • Enable engineers to catch problems sooner with better communication with analysts

  • Reduce the risk around market uncertainty by incorporating the voice of the customers

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