How to Excel at Next Generation Trial Execution

The next generation of clinical trials will be faster, more efficient, and produce higher quality patient outcomes. As the spread of COVID-19 puts antiquated processes to the test, one thing is clear—technological transformation is necessary in rising to the challenge of increased trial complexity.

Section 1: Improving Patient Experience

  • Look to the Patient to Improve Patient Experience in Clinical Trials
  • Virtual Clinical Trials 
  • Informed Consent
  • Smartphone Data Collection 

Section 2: Ensuring Effective Management

  • Manage Your Trial Effectively in a Fast-Changing Global Environment
  • Clinical Trial Management
  • Trial Master File Management
  • Clinical Trial Financial Management
  • Risk-Based Quality Management
  • Centralized Statistical Analysis

Section 3: Simplifying Data Complexity

  • Move Past the Clinical Trial Data Deluge
  • Enterprise Data Storage System 

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