How to compete globally without paying a high price

The answer lies in standardizing and reusing parts to lower costs 

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Industrial equipment manufacturers are localizing and customizing products to attract and retain customers in the globalized market. But they can end up making losses as duplicate parts and processes drive up costs and inefficiencies.  

Standardizing and reusing parts across departments can help you reduce costs and cut down on the number of suppliers. Doing this has helped one company turn an $8 billion loss into an $8.4 billion profit in seven years.  

Read our white paper on optimizing sourcing and standardization of cross-program parts to learn how: 

  • OnePart Reduce automates and improves parts classification
  • 3DEXPERIENCE® Marketplace PartSupply enables more informed sourcing decisions
  • OnePart Reuse increases parts reuse by designers and engineers

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