Accelerating Manufacturing of High-Tech Products

With a platform for manufacturing process engineering and virtual build

Manufacture anywhere to meet global demands

Consumer Electronics companies need to be the the first on the market with the right quantity and quality. Global manufacture-anywhere strategies are key enablers and they are coupled with “lean” practices to ensure production uptime and lead time for delivery. Leading companies are embracing following best practices to ensure their competitiveness through manufacturing optimization.

Using a single digital reference

The hand-over from design and engineering to manufacturing is a critical process to ensure cost, quality and time related targets. Only a seamless process based on commonly shared data between all disciplines can prevent translation and interpretation errors. With the power of intelligent 3D, physical prototypes can be avoided to accelerate process planning including work instructions.

Leveraging advanced analytics

With analytics being natively embedded in the collaboration platform, companies can significantly facilitate the capture and sharing of know-how, and use that information for continuous improvement of their global manufacturing planning and operations. A closed loop to engineering can significantly enhance their “Design-4-Manufacturing” strategies.

Synchronizing global delivery

A scalable, secure, cloud based platform enables the orchestration of global product launches under stringent cost and time-to-market regimens. It also provides the flexibility and resilience to react to unexpected demand changes due to breakthrough new technology, global crises or other disruptions.

Enhancing worker safety and productivity

Global time and complexity pressures must not compromise the health and safety of people. The seamless collaboration of shop floor planning with engineering and operations on a single platform powered by intelligent 3D  ensures maximum productivity, while keeping workers safe and healthy in all conditions.

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