High Speed Electronics Simulation

A realistic 3D virtual twin helps understand and mitigate problems and validate new designs.

Electronic systems are everywhere. In consumer devices, communication systems, medical devices, datacenters and more. Processor and communication speeds are increasing and at the same time there are trends towards miniaturization, high density packaging and lower voltages. The combination of these factors can cause data and power integrity problems as well as thermal and interference issues. 

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Electromagnetic Compatibility and Interference

EMC testing is an integral part of electronic device development. EMC Standards compliance is mandatory for products to go to market.

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Signal and Power Integrity

Manufacturers must ensure end-to-end signal and power integrity in high performance computers, devices and systems.

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Electrostatic Discharge

Electronics manufacturers pay close attention to the susceptibility of their devices and how they can be protected.

Short development cycles make it indispensable to consider these challenges early in the design process. CST Studio Suite technology is the ideal solution for early-stage pre-compliance testing to ensure long-term reliability, robustness and performance specifications are met and that local compliance and certifications are achieved. A virtual twin of the electronics design can be created and all of the above effects can be examined through a series of virtual tests.

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