Going Beyond Simulation-Driven Product Design | Analyst Report

An independent viewpoint of the strategic actions needed to gain enterprise-wide benefits from unified modeling & simulation

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Today’s products are more smart, connected and complex than ever. They have to meet stringent requirements that compel engineering teams to rely on modern digital strategies to develop effectively. In response, many have shifted their use of analysis left by employing simulation earlier in development. However, just providing FEA to designers is not enough. 

Lifecycle Insights' new report “Going Beyond Simulation-Driven Product Design” explains how companies can benefit from introducing a more unified and connected design-simulation approach using a common platform. 

Read the full report to learn about:

  • Trends driving the need for increasingly stringent engineering, business, environmental and social requirements
  • Critical capabilities an organization must consider to ensure the success of a shift-left approach
  • Strategic actions companies can take to attack design complexity and drive design decisions using simulation

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