Get Smart About Ergonomics

How smart posturing and ergonomics guidance can improve engagement and productivity

People still play a critical role in manufacturing.  Despite all technical innovation and automation, maintaining workers’ safety is a top priority for manufacturing organizations. We are entering an era of “Smart” Ergonomics. Advanced technologies have emerged which are capable of simulating probable and realistic postures and performing an ergonomic assessment in one click across a wide range of workplaces.

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  • The digital transformation of manufacturing
  • How new 3D modeling technologies are disrupting the field of ergonomics
  • Components for successful change management
  • How to deliver a superior workplace experience

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4 Tips for a More Ergonomic Production Line

Simulating your production line in 3D is a great way to forecast most of the production problem, but it is sometime hard to design an ergonomic layout. This can cause a lot of troubles: archiving tack time, quality issue, Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSD), insurance cost increase and more.

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