Generative Design for Internal Fluid Flow whitepaper | Optimize internal fluid flow and mass with one platform

Today, external fluid flow simulation and testing is reserved for the most glamourous and expensive products—our airplanes, rockets and bullet trains. A wind tunnel can cost tens of millions of dollars to build and hundreds of dollars an hour to rent.

“Lesser” products that could benefit from flow testing or simulation cannot afford it: vehicle and aircraft cabins, gas and liquid manifolds, automatic transmissions, exhaust systems, heat exchangers, gas turbines, rocket engineers, air ducts, pipes, dishwashers, pumps and compressors.

Enter generative design for fluids. Deployed early in the design process, it integrates with other applications to allow product engineers to explore and optimize designs for fluid flow in a way that wasn’t possible until now.

This whitepaper by addresses:

  • How to prevent flow problems using an integrated generative design application up front and early in the design process.
  • The benefits of integrating generative design for fluids with other design and manufacturing applications in a product development platform.
  • Example of using generative design for fluid flow and light weight on a hydraulic manifold.

Download the paper for more on expanding design possibilities for internal fluid flow systems with an integrated approach to fluid generative design.



Download the Whitepaper

Download the Whitepaper