Gain True Visibility and Unlock Productivity in Your Manufacturing Operations

Build an accurate digital model of your manufacturing operations to identify labor requirements, increase productivity, lower production waste and keep up with lead-time commitments.
Bastien HILLEN
Worldwide Business Development, Home & Lifestyle Industry at Dassault Systèmes


As labor costs escalate, product complexity grows and markets fluctuate, Home & Lifestyle companies cannot afford to waste time on manual data collection and production planning. If they want to gain a real-time view of their manufacturing operations, they must turn to intelligent solutions that capture all data related to resource capacity and performance. At a time when speed and flexibility are key, now is the time to switch to an agile production scheduling and execution solution

The Challenge

Home & Lifestyle companies with labor-intensive manufacturing processes need real-time visibility of their operations if they want to make best use of their resources and keep up with market demands. Many face gaps in their data, which prevents them from carrying out accurate scenario planning and forecasting. Meanwhile skilled craftspeople can waste up to 5% of their time in manual reporting. Without a clear view of all activities on the shop floor, companies struggle to optimize their assets, improve margins and accurately communicate lead times down the supply chain.

The Solution

Backed by an integrated technology platform that automatically captures and shares real-time performance data, Home & Lifestyle companies can build a true digital model of their manufacturing resources and constraints. Production Scheduling  & Production Execution processes based on DELMIA from the Perfect Production solution on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform collate critical information about people, processes and assets to develop high-performance production schedules, enhance business KPIs and take the guesswork out of planning.

The Benefits

Working with real-time performance data, companies can expect to see increased productivity, labor cost savings, lower production waste and improved scheduling accuracy. By taking advantage of agile planning, scheduling and supply chain management capabilities in Perfect Production, managers can systematically track employees by skill, record performance data digitally, and integrate this information with shop floor scheduling to plan training, balance capacity and make best use of their resources.​ At the same time, they can improve scheduling accuracy with enhanced “what-if” capabilities, speed up re-planning by up to 70% using DELMIA and respond fast to market fluctuations. Home & Lifestyle companies can expect to achieve a fast return on investment – usually the increase in productivity offsets the estimated costs of implementing a new platform. 

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Increase Resources Productivity

Between 2 and 8%

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Optimize Resources

With Real-Time Performance Data

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Model What-If Scenarios

For Accurate Scheduling, Planning & Costing, Faster Re-planning By Up to 70%

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