Future-proof your teams with Lean collaboration

Webinar on Demand | 47min | English

Lean is much more than a “toolkit” or a methodology for removing waste. It is now becoming an essential methodology for teams in all disciplines to leverage in the pursuit of sustainable business operations.

Enjoy a review and discussion on how your organization can apply use-cases to everyday team challenges:

  • Dealing with crisis problem solving when collaborating between Product Design and R&D teams (promoting team cohesion and timely problem solving to accelerate new product timelines)

  • Initiating a Lean methodology for Project Process Mapping (replacing manual methods with a digital process to identify and document process elements to drive continuous improvement)

  • Using visual information to rapidly solve production problems and aligning teams around actions (structured root cause analysis to maintain customer satisfaction and mitigate waste)

Watch our webinar to learn more.

Watch the webinar