The Future of Aviation Operations

Digital Technologies Converge to Drive Smarter, Faster and More Responsive Planning of Aviation Operations
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The vast majority of operators, airports or airlines—regardless of location, ownership model, or long-term strategic ambition—share a desire to modernise, increase traffic, and improve both efficiency and the passenger experience. The key to unlocking all of these is the integration of technology. Digital transformation in management and operations allows for the optimization of processes, the enhancement of non-aeronautical revenue streams, the introduction of new business models, and an overall improvement in the passenger experience on the ground. In this Frost & Sullivan whitepaper you'll learn more about some of the critical issues faced by operators and how today's technology can be applied to overcome these challenges. Key topics covered are:

Capacity Restraints - with contemporary airports having been built with limited physical expansion opportunity, operators are struggling to accommodate additional passenger footfalls, particularly during periods of peak operations.

Improving The Passenger Experience - a majority of operators have been ill-equipped to deal with the influx of passengers due to legacy systems and inefficient allotment of resources

On-Time Performance and Managing Disruptions - Inadequate operational processes have a knock-on effect on flight punctuality that affects efficiency. Disruptive elements such as inclement weather and aircraft malfunctions also have a cascading effect on the day’s operations and flight schedules.

An Optimized Passenger Experience at every Touchpoint

Digitizing each touchpoint of the passenger journey and the operator’s internal processes has generated a seamless flow of data through systems. Big Data, Internet of Things and faster connectivity acts as a catalyst for optimized operations driving the rise of the connected traveller and interoperable systems. Each stakeholder in the airport ecosystem benefits from digital services, automation and real-time sharing of processed data through a centralized digital solution. The result is a smarter and sustainable ecosystem.

Future of Aviation > image > Dassault Systèmes®

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