Framtidsmodellen 2.0

Are we there yet?

In this interview series we engage on a journey in the Nordic countries, looking for the energy solutions of the future. Are there any sustainable solutions for our energy demand? What energy sources will we use in the future and how will the future power grid look? How long will our journey towards a sustainable future take…when will we get there? On this journey we meet companies that exploits the oceans inexhaustible energy, we speak about exciting energy islands and visit some of the pioneers within battery manufacturing and ask the question, are we there yet?

Welcome to Framtidsmodellen!

OX2 Part 2 - Society Energy Transition and Sustainable Business Models

In the previous episode we saw how a large-scale ecosystem for renewable energy is taking share and connecting several parts of society. In this episode we continue our journey to see how society can benefit and new business models arise. Meet Lotta Nummelin and Anders Wiklund from OX2, Ronny Eriksson from Port of Långnäs and Joel Lindholm from Under Ytan.

OX2 Part 1 - Growing a renewable and offshore energy ecosystem at mega scale

Hear Anders Wiklund and his team share OX2 vision on how they will grow a renewable and offshore energy ecosystem at mega scale on Åland. What aspects needs to be in consideration for selecting a site for an energy park, what role does the ports play for our offshore farms and what data collection is required to secure positive environmental footprint?

Energistyrelsen – a new era for renewable energy supply in Denmark and Europe

Mogens Hagelskær is responsible for the first energy islands that will be built in the North Sea and on Bornholm. Hear when he share his view of the transformation of the energy sector, and how the Danish Energy Islands Project will be a part for Europe to become Carbon Neutral by 2050 and mark the start of a new era for energy supply in Denmark and Europe.

Svensk Vindenergi - Why Nordics has the best conditions for renewable energy

Hear Daniel Badman, CEO at Svensk Vindenergi talk about why renewable energy play a big role in the new climate smart society. Understand why Nordics has the best conditions and why this is unique and very exciting for when the global market for renewable energy is growing rapidly.

Aker Carbon Capture - How to capture CO2, Transport it, and use it

Hear Peter Thoft Knudsen, Sales Director at Aker Carbon Capture Denmark on why carbon capture is so important in relation to the energy transition, and what captured CO2 can be used for.

Circular Norway - How does Circular Economy work and how will it help us reduce emissions?

Hear from Lief Nordhus, Managing Director at Circular Norway how they have conducted a Circularity Gap Report in 2020 showing that Norway was only 2.4% circular. They have come up with six strategies showing six key factors on how they can reduce the carbon footprint and increase circularity from 2.4% to 46% in Norway.

Energinet - How Energy islands will help us secure power supply throughout Europe

Hear Hanne Storm Edlefsen, Vice President at Energinet talk about the infrastructure involved in the energy islands that will be build in Denmark. You will learn about what is new about energy islands, how they differ from offshore wind and artificial islands, and how we will secure the power supply throughout Europe with energy islands.

Ørsted - Transform from a gas business to offshore wind to energy islands

Learn the big benefits of modularization, when Leif Winther, Chief Market Developer at Orsted shares his view on circular way of thinking and how they plan for the Danish energy islands to be built to serve many generations. Modularization will cut cost and increase safety and it will give the flexibility to scale to the size needed for future generations at any time.


Leif Winther has been at Orsted for 19 Years and been part of the company from when they were a gas business to an offshore wind and now to be commercially responsible for the Danish energy islands.

Innovation Norway - Collaboration, New eco-systems and Technology

Did you know that 80% of offshore wind farms are located on a dept of 60 meters which results in the need of floating wind turbines?

This is a new and expensive technology which means that we need the right technological tools that can bring down the cost and also ensure that there is well-functioning coexistence with nature.

Listen to Eli from innovation Norway telling us about off shore wind farms, advanced technology and the importance of new competencies! 

Aker - Investing in the green shift

Jeanett, Chief Sustainability Officer at Aker tells us about the shift towards greener energy to reach new horizons!

Things need to happen quicker than it has historically, how do we manage and succeed with that transition?


Norweigan Embassy In Copenhagen

Listen to Katja from the Norweigan Embassy in Copenhagen discuss the collaboration between Norway and Denmark to make the transition towards renewable energy. What is the government perspective on this transition? What are the differences between the countries and how can we utilize them?

In this interview series we engage on a journey in the nordic countries, looking for the energy solutions of the future. Are there any sustainable solutions to cover our energy demand? What energy sources will we use in the future and how will the future power grid look?


Minesto - Renewable energy from tidal streams

In this episode of Framtidsmodellen we meet Martin Edlund from Minesto and talk about their new technology to create renewable energy from the Oceans tidal streams. We discuss what the most important transitions are in order to cover the future demand for energy in a sustainable way and how important is technology when developing these new ways of generating greener energy? Are we there yet?


Scale up the transition to low-carbon power generation