Four sustainable packaging success stories

With the world of packaging becoming more eco-friendly, leaders need to get sustainable packaging right — and fast.


Consumers and regulators are pressuring industrials leaders to pivot and transform fast their packaging solutions. To differentiate their value propositions in a market of 'perceived commodity', packaging suppliers must drive innovation based on consumer insights and make their entire operation more efficient.

Discover down below four success stories within our customers portfolio, who are sharing how they use our solutions to improve their products’ packaging, maximizing product performance while minimizing both carbon footprint and costs.

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Challenges: Looking for sustainable packaging solutions while ensuring that these solutions are resistant to damage during shipping and on the shelf.

Solution: Using the SIMULIA  Abaqus solution and the Dassault Systèmes 3DEXPERIENCE platform, PepsiCo can test packaging using the Virtual First Principle to evaluate products before conducting physical trials.

Testimonial“If you ask me how I could access the simulation results from three years ago, it’s going to take me a long time to dig through my own hardware to find it, but if we can store all the simulation data in a single place, that can reduce the time. It increases traceability.”
Dr. Ellie Vineyard, Associate Principal Engineer


Challenges: Leading plastic container manufacturer, Amcor is continually looking for ways to reduce the amount of material used in beverage containers while keeping them strong and cost-effective to produce.

Solution: Using SIMULIA tools to simulate containers, Amcor engineers are able to identify potential failure points, leading to lightweight and optimized designs.

Testimonial“Our engineering simulation capability is one of the things that make Amcor unique in the industry. We’re able to produce some of the lightest containers because we leverage the best engineering tools to accurately forecast potential problems early and optimize our products.”
Hansong Huang, PhD, Director of Advanced Engineering

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Metsä Board

Challenges: Paperboard producer, Metsä Board is looking for improving design, recyclability, sustainability, product performance, etc.

Solution: Metsä Board deployed the 3DEXPERIENCE platform to improve the functionality, recyclability and brand impact of its customers’ packaging solutions, maximizing product performance while minimizing both carbon footprint and costs.

Testimonial: “We can simulate various use cases and conditions in as little as a day, instead of the weeks it would have taken using physical prototyping and testing.”
Pekka Suokas, R&D Manager

Familia Torres

Challenges: Renowned for combining tradition and innovation, the Spanish wine producer Familia Torres needed to transform project management and approval process of its packaging.

Solution: Familia Torres deployed a powerful platform on cloud to transform the way it manages projects, documents and digitalize their approval process.

Testimonial: “The platform helps deliver the insights to reduce our packaging carbon footprint, allowing us to choose packaging with the minimal weight requirements and fewest parts and materials”.
Francesco Gómez Montenegro, Chief Operating Officer.

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