What will we eat next? Preparing food manufacturers for future food trends

Which new trends will change the way we make food?

Food and beverage manufacturers today face an uphill battle as a rapidly changing world forces industry players to be agile. Forward-thinking players in food manufacturing constantly pay attention to ever-shifting consumer trends in order to stay one step ahead of a market hungry for new food experiences.

Learn about the trends of tomorrow: new food forms, textures, functions and tastes. From 3D-printed foods to edible packaging and ethical supply chain practices - with the right solutions, manufacturers can position themselves at the forefront of supplying tomorrow's market demands through optimized supply chain operations. As a result, you can better deliver new products that capture the consumers’ appetite today and beyond.

Ready to take a step into the future? Our ebook looks at insights shared by renowned food futurologist Dr Morgaine Gaye on future food trends, based on her observations on current consumer behavior, as well as by DELMIA Quintiq’s Geoff Locket, who shares his experience on how food and beverage companies can reorient their supply chains to respond to a rapidly changing world.

People will want multifunctional products. We want to still have things, but we want to have less. We’re moving towards much more purposeful consumption of everything, from clothes to interiors and food.

Dr Morgaine GAYE
Food Futurologist

As emerging consumer trends accelerate, food companies have to plan ahead on the challenges of tomorrow.


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